Safran Özkar was constituted in 1959. By the result of increase in export share and growth rate in the year 1997, the company received the title of Limited Company, and for the time being, the company is one of the rare companies to carry out the whole rifle and sub – industry production within its own facilities.

Our adventure that start with double barrel shotguns diverted to semi – automatic and pomp – action shotguns in the year 1994.

Safran Özkar which combines the stock of knowledge and experience obtained in years with creativity together with financial proficiency is keeping the target higher by carrying on its innovative investments.

Safran Özkar who is following the technological innovations and integrates them in its work is introducing its company to the world by the successful exportations carried out.

Taking its power from a rich heritage, products of Safran is meeting its followers not only in Turkey but also in Russia, Ukraine, Greece, France, Malta, America, Lebanon, Europe and Middle East.

Please contact us from our address below with SAFRAN Company which has matchless design, innovative approach, qualified and reliable products.

As we do to our thousands of clients whose needs are supplied from one source in our field, we would like to state that we would be more than happy to supply you with products beyond your expectations.

Akdeniz Sanayi Sitesi 5005 Sok. No:19 Antalya / Turkey

SAFRAN ÖZKAR Tüfek Sanayi Tekstil İnş. Tur. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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